New Probable HTML5 Problem on certain phones


I was testing my html5 app with someone who has this phone note 20 5g

The browser behavior is a bit weird
The objects must be double clicked to respond rather than tapped. and they barely respond.

When i downloaded fire fox on his phone it worked but it missed up the view a little bit (in Arabic only) although fire fox browser is working ok on my laptop for the same URLs… and on my phone i downloaded firefox text for Arabic is missed up see attached images for both browsers on my phone

You can choose English language from both URLs

Any hints!

This is official
It’s happening on Samsung phones
Does anyone know what is causing this

Seems to be a problem with the app called browser for Samsung which seems to be the default browser app

I’m chatting with myself :slight_smile:

Try using bitmap fonts

I had the same problem with all Fonts. Solved the problem with a “hack” it working fine:

Maybe its helpful…

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Hey @Kao14, how do you make the text not look blurry in your html5 project?

@XeduR This is official

Am I the only one facing this problem?

Chrome on Samsung does not respond to tap … sometimes it does … but mostly you have to keep tapping like double taps to get a response … can someone verify please

This is really weird … if you however tap a textfield input it will respond immediately but Solar2D objects like images simply does not respond!!

Chrome on any other phone works perfectly … chrome on windows PC works perfectly … safari on phone works perfectly … Firefox on phones shifts Arabic text only

This is my Config to fix the Blurry:

We don’t use rescaling


settings =
	orientation =
		-- Supported values for orientation:
		-- portrait, portraitUpsideDown, landscapeLeft, landscapeRight
		default = "portrait",
		supported = {"portrait"},
   window =

        --- DESKTOP WEB CONFIG ---
        defaultViewHeight = 1220,
        defaultViewWidth = 1480,
        enableHighDpi = true, // not needed!!!!
        resizable = false,


	fps = 60
	scale = "letterbox"
	_w = 360
	_h = 480

application = {
	content = {
		fps = fps,
		width = _w,
		height = _h,
		scale = scale,
		xAlign = "center",
		yAlign = "center",
		shaderPrecision = "highp",
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Thank you @Kao14
I don’t see the enableHighDpi parameter in the documentation. Where did you get it from?

I’ve tested your code but I’m still seeing the text blurry.

Thank you @Kao14 but the documentation only speak about the shaderPrecision parameter in config.settings. I’m referring to the enableHighDpi parameter that you include in the window table into your build.settings file.
Screenshot (1)

Ohh i see, good question. I think this “enableHighDpi” was a mistake by me.
I don’t remember where i got this attribute. Anywhere from a Git-Project, i played in this time a lot around.

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Hi guys,

Is it possible to execute this line of JavaScript code from solar2d?

window.location = "tel:495898694"

because when using the regular system.openurl … it redirects to another page which causes a problem with browsers set to disallow popups (popup blockers)

would this solve the problem?

Help please … I’m very bad with JavaScript :slight_smile:

You can add a javascript file in your Project and execute the functions.

It works fine in my Project.

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you

I’m so grateful I manually wrote and repeated the above Thankyous without copy paste :slight_smile:

You are the man.