New Requirements from Google to show ads - CMP

Today i received an email from Google about these requirements, then, when I logged it into Admob i got this message:

Later this year, Google will require all publishers serving ads to EEA and UK users to use a Google-certified Consent Management Platform (CMP). You can use any Google-certified CMP for this purpose, including Google’s own consent management solution. If you are interested in using Google’s consent management solution, start by setting up your GDPR message and implementing the UMP SDK. Learn more


Yes I was on the live stream event for this a couple days ago. It will be a requirement to use a google certified CMP later this yr. Although I don’t think they have a concrete date yet.

All if not most seem to charge for the service although I think the google solution is free and they say ump SDK is already bundled with the latest ads SDK.
So I’m wondering if we can get that in the latest admob SDK so we can get this working.


PITFA AdMob are! :eggplant: :peach:

Poke poke poke. I’ve not long since had an email from them asking me to update. I just want to be left alone! Anymore ‘sunsets’ from those numpties and it’ll be lights out permanently! :rofl:

I’m one of those developers that simply draws the residual income from programming efforts years ago. Residual income knocks a dent in the council tax each month but that’s about it… :rofl:

I have no interest in actively updating apps - apps are dead for most of us indies and has been for years. I could ditch AdMob for another provider, but over the years I’ve tried most of AdMob’s competition without success. Okay, rant over from this (now virtually retired from this sh1tshow) erstwhile developer here in the UK! :partying_face: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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According to the release notes, the User Messaging Platform SDK was added to AdMob for iOS in SDK version 7.64.0 on August 11, 2020 (here), and added to Android in SDK version 19.8.0 on March 15, 2021 (here).

The Android AdMob plugin is on SDV version 21.5.0 since v27 on February 8, 2023, so we should be all set there. Unfortunately, the GitHub release notes are less explicit about which version of the SDK the iOS plugin is using.

@Scott_Harrison could you please confirm the SDK version for iOS is greater than 7.64.0? Also, since this is probably about to be a big deal for much of the community, could you look at the User Messaging Platform SDK as it relates to the plugin? (Does it require a new function, etc.) Thank you!

I manage a lot of Firebase Plugins, and for simplicity, I switch Admob to use Firebase

According to my records, it’s using Firebase 10.4, which was released around the end of January of this year.

OK- I created and published a GDPR message on AdMob per their instructions. I guess we’ll see what happens?

I don’t think that’s going to be sufficient. There is still some coding to be done to bring up the ump SDK to display the consent box with the gdpr message you have set in admob. That’s as far as I understand it

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You are right, there is some code you have to insert into your proyect

Agreed- but I don’t know what that would be without there being a change to the plugin, or at least a clarification of the parameters, as when hasUserConsent originally rolled out as a response to GDPR.

What I can say for sure is that just publishing a GDPR message in the AdMob dashboard is not working…

@Scott_Harrison I was looking through the help-

-and it while it looks like the User Messaging Platform is already in the AdMob plugin, there are some new methods that need to be called. Could you please take a look at this and see if there are changes that need to be made to the plugin, or if it’s just a case of needing to update the docs to let people know about the new methods?

We have the framework installed, but we don’t implement any of the pop-ups for GDPR messages at the moment

Hello, has anyone been able to implement the code the pop-ups for GDPR messages?

Yes it seems this is rather urgent on Googles part. i’m currently on a second call regarding it in the past 2 weeks and they are saying it needs to be implemented by august, and they are expecting they will be having a deadline by the end of this quarter.

The issue im hearing on the call is once the deadline comes, lets say 50% of users update our app with the cmp solution, the 50% of users who have not updated will receive limited ads (which is different to non personalised ads), which they are saying is close to zero revenue for the users who have not updated the app which includes the cmp.
So in a nutshell the sooner we adopt this, the better chance we have that users will update before the deadline otherwise it will impact revenue

I recently pushed an update for this, working on the docs still


Oh that is awesome @Scott_Harrison you are a legend!

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updateConsentForm , loadConsentForm , showConsentForm , and getConsentFormStatus


Is it going to be something similar for appodeal plugin?

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Before everybody starts to panic, please remember that this requirement for CMP only applies to EU traffic.


Thank you so much @Scott_Harrison

BTW, you should take a look at this page because there is an incongruence.

According to the documentation the values obtained with formStatus are "obtained" , "required" , "notRequired" , or "unknown", but the sample on the documentation does not match, it is like the following code:

if (formStatus == "available" ) then -- recommend (not required)



UPDATE: I just read the Google documentation and those values are for consentStatus, it looks like you swapped the values inadvertently.