Next level

I can’t figure it out, but when I complete level 1 the simulator doesn’t go to level 2. Shouldn’t it?

Just wondering, Thanks

You’re going to need to be alot more specific about what you’re trying to do.

Sorry, I’m using a pc I don’t remember, but when a level is completed and you move to the next level will that change of levels move on my pc or do I have to be on an mac?


What Glitch_Games was saying is that you haven’t shared any information about anything, and because of that, it is pretty much impossible to help you right now.

It doesn’t matter whether you are on a Mac or a PC, what matters is your code because that explains how your game and its levels work. You need to share your code so that people know what you are talking about. Preferably, you’d upload the project file here so that helping you would be even easier.

Right now this is like asking “How do I cook this?” without telling anyone what the ingredients are or what you are trying to make.