No app icon on Kindle fire

I have built all my apps for Kindle, though don’t always update as frequently. Today, when I load an app onto my Kindle, the app icon on the device is the generic icon. It is possible I have not loaded an app onto the Kindle for test in months. I tried building with releases back to 3617, same result. I checked all the AndroidResources, they are all good. I tried adding back Icon-hdpi.png (and the variations), and that did not help.

Do I have to do anything special to get the icons to show up properly on Kindle?

Did you add the icon to your listing? Are you just sideloading a test app? I update my apps often on Amazon and I have not seen this issue. You can try one yourself and let me know if you don’t see the icon on your device.

Kindles are just Android devices so use the same icon sizes/files as a normal Android build.

ADB loading works just fine.

I am just side-loading a test app directly onto the Kindle with adb. I often update my apps on Amazon also, and now I see that recent updates downloaded from the Amazon store also have the generic icon. I am obviously doing something wrong.

I do use exactly the same AndroidResources as for Google Play.

I will try installing directly from the store to be sure, but still puzzled about the adb load.

I did not fix it by replacing everything in the res directory (from the solar2d source) and starting over. It just replaced the generic icon with the solar2d icon. The problem seems to be that the icon_launcher_foreground is the only thing that shows instead of icon_launcher.png.

I am starting all over building the AndroidResources files, understanding better the layers. Something changed because it worked previously, but I did not keep up to date. Anyway, I will get it to work, I understand better now.

I got to all work by starting over. EasyAppicon was a big help.

did you ever find the cause? resolve this?
I’ve always used kindle for a live-build.
And my first two apps from about 5 years ago loaded with their true icons.
But every app for the past 3/4 years never loads with the true icon, just the generic one, but as its only for testing and lal works out ok live, i’ve never really worried about it, but it does bug me. So wondered if you found the solution.

This might not be the preferred way, but I move the AndroidResources folder when I build for Kindle, which forces the build to use Icon-*.png set of icons in the main folder. If you’re getting the generic icon, I suspect that’s what’s being used for your Kindle build, and you would just need to update them to be your app’s icon instead.