Not working on Win 7 x64

I’m struggling to get this working on my Win 7 x64 machine. I have v1.3 of Corona Remote and the latest stable version of Corona SDK Indie but I get the following error when running in the simulator:

c:\users\me\corona\mygame\remote.lua:221: in function ‘runTC
PServer’ - Runtime error
c:\users\me\corona\mygame\remote.lua:221: attempt to index u
pvalue ‘tcpServer’ (a nil value)


This works absolutely fine on my Mac Snow Leopard but not on my PC which I need to simultaneously work on?

Any ideas? [import]uid: 103970 topic_id: 19732 reply_id: 319732[/import]

I don’t know where is your problem, but I use corona on windows 7 64 with no pb. [import]uid: 9328 topic_id: 19732 reply_id: 76397[/import]

Isnt "tcpServer" a Luas reserved name? (just a shoot btw)

Just try to change this variable name for anything else and see.
Rodrigo. [import]uid: 89165 topic_id: 19732 reply_id: 76445[/import]

@Antheor Good to know. Are you using any anti virus software? My feeling is that this could be causing an issue

@Rodrigo RSCdev This works fine under Corona and on a Mac so suspect its not a reserved word but if it is then it seems to be ok just not on a PC

Still stumped as I don’t want to be changing third party code just want it supported [import]uid: 103970 topic_id: 19732 reply_id: 76505[/import]

Im the dev of the remote, so heres a few things…

  1. I test on pretty clean platforms but both Windows and OSX both with the remote.

  2. Installing any anti virus / firewalls or messing with your router can kill the connection. If this happens then disable your installed apps to see if they are the cause. You can also change the port number on the remote and in the .lua.

  3. That error message means its trying to receive a connection, the handshake probably worked, but the connection is not being returned. This is usually caused by the connection being blocked.

  4. At anytime Ansca can update Corona and that could break the remote. I will have a look with all the latest builds of everything to check compatibility.

  5. tcpServer is not a reserved name so don’t be chaining that.

  6. Ensure you are using all the latest files from the corona website and the latest app from the app store. Any time I make changes both parts need updating.

Can you let me know if you figured out whats wrong. [import]uid: 5354 topic_id: 19732 reply_id: 77742[/import]

Not sure about your exact problem but when i moved to Window7, i had to download the 32 (X86) bit SDK for corona. Also remember kava 7 is not compatible with corona.

Here is the official link [import]uid: 84539 topic_id: 19732 reply_id: 77747[/import]


I have win7 64 working ok with Corona, so no problem.

But most likely an antivirus, firewall, or other outbound/inbound connection problem.

Jürgen [import]uid: 19590 topic_id: 19732 reply_id: 77756[/import]