((o)) SoundList - a free sound system for Solar2D

SoundList is a free sound helper / audio middleware kind of package for Solar2D.

SoundList features one-call sound playback, playing sounds at different pitches and volume levels, fading out sounds, randomizing pitch, looping, pre-loaded or streamed sounds, randomized multi-sounds, sound groups with volume and voice stealing settings, simple one-call generative ambiences, quick editing of all sound parameters in a single csv file and live testing of sound packages on mobile devices.

This is how it looks in your code:

PlaySound("Piano", 400, 50)    -- name, pitch (in cents), volume (in %)
PlayAmbience("BirdForest")    -- starting playing generative ambience
SetGroupVolume("Coins", 75)
LimitGroupChannels("Coins", 5)

See the SoundList Manual for details: bit.ly/soundlist-manual
Download SoundList here: solar2dsoundlist.wordpress.com