Objects rendering on top of black bars in 'letterbox' mode

Hi there,

My app is in letterbox content scaling mode and I’m moving display objects from an off-screen position to an on-screen position.

The problem is, the objects are being rendered above the black bars that are present in letterbox mode when the objects are on the edge of the screen. This makes for a messy look.

Is there any way to render the objects below the black bars so it doesn’t look as though the display objects are above them?

The scale mode (letterbox and zoom even) are just that, the way the engine scales the “canvas” over the different screen ratios

There are no black bars, there is only a black background, so if you really want to keep that area covered you have to add the black bars yourself and make sure they are always on top.

To achieve that, create 2 rects that cover all the “off-screen” area, but remember that in some devices, those are at the top and bottom and in some other, the are at the sides.

Okay yeah, it occurred to me to add the rectangles myself, and it’s good to know it’s a black background and not black bars.

Problem solved, thanks!

Ideally, make your content fill whatever display it is running on. There are various APIs to help with this.