One-click Play project broken - Simulator forgets default device

@vlads - I’ve noticed that since version 3595-3598, when I press PLAY to run my project from within ZeroBrane Studio, the simulator opens but remains in background. When I bring it to the foreground, I’ve noticed that there appears to be no default device, so I have to choose one to see my project run. So each time I want to run it, I 1) press play project; 2) click on Corona Simulator icon in my Mac taskbar (it appears on the right) and then I choose Window -> View As -> a device.

I’ve also noticed that iPhone X no longer works at all. And the Window -> View As shows none of the newer iPhones since iPhone X, too.

What can be done to make this work as it did prior to April 1, whereby I just pressed the play project button and the simulator launched in the foreground and had remembered the default device from the last time it was run; any thoughts?