Hi, I using corona sdk, is fantastic. I have a question , i can work with OOP and pattern design in LUA for modeling class diagram in UML

Not sure I understand exactly.

If the question is can you generate the class structures from a UML class diagram? I am not aware of any tool that does that in Lua.

If the question is can you create “classes” that resemble OOP design patterns in Lua. The answer to that is yes to a certain extent. 

If this is for some graduate class, I would recommend you use JAVA instead since you can find example UML diagrams and classes for all patterns on Google.

If this is for fun then by all means continue on and have fun. Although UML != FUN to me.

How very c# of you 

Although UML != FUN to me.

Lua would be

Although UML ~= FUN to me.

Note:this is just a fun response.

I’m looking at game kits to maybe make something simple and Corona seems to be recommended a few times. Only problem is that those 9Apps Vidmate posts tend to be from years back. Is anyone still using Corona? Good points? I’d VidMate app appreciate input from users.


Yes, Corona is a great SDK!  How much experience do you have programming?  You should start here and learn as much as you can.  Come back to the forums when you need help or have specific questions.  Enjoy!