OpenBilgi - Open source trivia game

Hi everyone!

I’ve decided to open source the side project that I’m working on for some time.

bilgi is a trivia/quiz game with roguelike elements that I published on Google Play. OpenBilgi is the open source version of that which I added comments trying to explain my reasoning, cleaned up some parts of the code etc.

Of course, there is room for improvement but it’s store-ready at the moment if you can provide content(questions & answers) and the code is MIT licensed. Hope it’d be a useful contribution.

Without further ado:


I haven’t been able to post updates here. Here’s a quick one!

It’s been a while since I had time to test & publish an update to the application on store but wanted to let you know that I made significant changes to the code since the announcement. Some bugs are fixed, highly reduced copy/paste code and made two different libraries out of them etc. Overall, I feel it’s now far better in terms of code quality. I suggest you check it out :slight_smile:

Anyway, hopefully I’ll find time to test & publish those changes and post an update here. See you all soon!


v0.8 update: Latest changes are tested and published! Code quality is highly improved and it works :white_check_mark:

Hopefully, I’ll get the English content ready with the next update so more people can see it in action before diving into the code :slight_smile:

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v0.9 update: This update is mostly content related. There may be some fixes here and there but the main reason is to add question sets in English. Good thing is, this means more people can try the game out! :white_check_mark:

Here is for you, the global release of bilgi: roguelike trivia:

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