Our App game - Azmara

Hello, we made a game using MTE. Besides Dyson showing demo’s on what the engine can do, I don’t believe there is any real video’s of MTE in action, so I decided to post our app! MTE is lacking some exposure and maybe this will help it.

I am hoping this brings the MTE forum’s some life and possibly pull in more people :slight_smile: Otherwise I assume everyone here is as poor as me and making their own games, so I don’t expect anything on the kickstarter!

Name of app: Azmara

We are currently in kickstarter mode and here is the link:


side note: there is a 2nd video below showing more gameplay in kickstarter link.

If you are still interested and like what you see, here is a link to our Facebook:


EDIT: I know this is the incorrect forum to display this, I am just trying to get some more people into MTE and if it get’s moved to the appropriate forum people may not see this.

Have a good day,