Our new PC game Ball at Work

Greetings to everyone in the community. This thread unlike others has not been created to report an issue but to make an announcement regarding our latest project on Solar2D which is a relaxing and fun physics-based puzzle game- Ball at Work.

We are currently on the early stages of its development and would love to have some users who could play test the game and perhaps give us a subjective feedback on aspects of the gameplay including the controls, physics, difficulty curve or share some thoughts on the general concept of this game.

Anyone who might be interested in giving this game a go after looking at the gameplay video, can visit our website(link right below) and download the game by clicking on the button for the Windows Demo. The zip is password protected - BTAugust01*

gameplay video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEJypVhO70Y
demo link - https://www.famousdoggstudios.com/ball-at-work

We’d be delighted to welcome all forms of input and your support will motivate us to make bigger and better games using Solar2D.



The game looks great. Nice work!

I’d remove that preview track from the background asap though. It’s somewhat off putting to watch a gameplay video where the developers are using a preview version of a song. It makes me wonder if the audio tracks in the game are previews too and why.

Agreed. We did the video a little before procuring the licenses for audio but it definitely looks unprofessional like this. We’d have it sorted soon :slight_smile:

Looks great! My only constructive criticism is the scrolling looks a little jerky?

Hi, yes, that stutter is quite bad on some devices and sadly there’s not much we can do within Solar2D to fix it. It’s to do with timer precision and how the Core handles rendering, it seems. We tried very hard to work around this but it’s just impossible. If you’d try to make a simple project with just a single display object that translates across the screen, there’s a good chance you’d still see that jerky movement.

For one of our other games that’s already on Steam, we just ask users to limit the FPS to 60 using RTSS or to force VSync in their driver settings. It’s quite unfortunate though and we wish we had the kind of in-depth understanding of the Core engine to work towards fixing this but we simply don’t.

I hope this gets the visibility and traction is deserves. Looks first class. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Nice game with pretty graphics and good music!

But for me it was way too difficult and the controls felt a bit sluggish and frustrating. I completed level 3 after something like 10 attempts, and gave up on level 4. I kept on falling to the floor or getting stuck even after I had figured out which way I should take to reach the goal. Maybe says more about me as a gamer than about the game itself. :wink:

Not sure what your target audience is, but my advice is to make the game a lot easier on the early stages to not scare people away. And work on the controls to make them feel more responsive.

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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Yes, I agree levels are quite hard. And I think they should add more control options like A to move left, D to move right.

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Thanks for the feedback!

I think responsiveness is probably an issue-- when porting from mobile to PC we felt compelled to try and make it a little more challenging and probably overdid it! We will try make the movement snappier which should make it a less stressful experience for new users.

Also noted suggestions regarding the WASD controls. Thanks again!

Thanks for trying out the game! Just wanted to point out that you can reconfigure all controls and key bindings from the in-game settings menu :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks I will check it out!

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Lookin’ good Famous Dog, keep at it.

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