Physics joints and random crashes on iOS

I was working on a prototype for a new project where I use simple pivot joints to connect some objects.

When I load the composer screen for my “GameWorld” at first, there’s no problem but when I restart a level, the app was randomly crashing on iOS. Logs indicate that there might have been an attempt to address a removed object ( EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV))

I have been using my current paradigm of how I handle restarting a level and loading/offloading of assets since many years on Solar without any issues but this is the first project in a long time where I have used physics joints.

According to the API documents, removing a display object should also delete a joint but I’ve tried this in the simulator and this doesn’t seem to be the case. If I pause the physics system and fully remove and set to nil a display object that was attached to a joint, the joint still remains.

The crashes aren’t present on android or simulator but only on ios devices.

Does anyone have a similar experience and a possible workaround?

I tried removing the object that has a joint from my demo level and that version doesn’t crash so I know the problem is with the joints somehow lingering after their owner objects are destroyed.