Planning Apps & Projects

What do you developers use for planning your projects and keeping track of development?

I am solo developer working on my app intermittently due to my life constraints of a full time job and family.

It is hard after a few weeks of no dev to jump back in, without spending half a day figuring out where I left off by reading code and testing a build.

I use the basic notes app, and sometimes if I feel fancy

Please let me know any suggestions for software that has worked for you, especially if you’re in a similar situation like me.

I’m also open to any recommendations on books on the subject.

I find it hard to pickup right where I left off after a week or more if the project is already complex, with or without notes.:smile:

I tried to use something that works like charts, forget the name, but didn’t use it much, it felt like too much work to do.

I used Trello for a time, worked well, I just didn’t stick to it. This might be more of a discipline issue on my part.

What I feel works best for me is a big drawing board (or two) with chalk and posted notes.
I’ve been able to keep track better and design with drawing apps, but I really need a big screen device to take advantage of it.

I still use CherryTree, I just don’t like the formatting, but it’s really good for organizing and can do linking between sections and subsections.

I tried Trello as well, but it almost feels like another job altogether just keeping it updated and planning.

Glad to know it’s not just me then when it comes to revisiting projects even after short time frames.

Maybe a big drawing board as you said might be the answer.

I’m developing software for 20 years now … never worked in a team which is good and bad, but that being said … I never used visual source safe, GitHub, or anything else.

I’m using a very primal and stupid method, which is keeping each project in organized folders, and I use notepad to write any kind of notes related to this project.

But i always try to write meaningful comments inside my code specially when the code looks weird

I know this is not much of a help, but this is to let you know that you are not alone :slight_smile:

Personally, I prefer drafting an initial game design document on paper. Then I rewrite it to an online document, or to a document in some file sharing system like Dropbox or GitHub.

Finally, I create a Kanban board to GitHub projects based on the design document and start working on it. That way I can see what components are (still) needed and how the project is progressing.

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I take notes(use an app, paper whatever is best for you), use Trello and leave myself some notes through comments on what I plan to do next and warn my future self if I’m leaving something incomplete. Doing it all saves me significant time when I try to get back on track.