Pollfish android plugin outdated


Google just rejected one of my apps update because of pollfish.

The pollfish sdk is outdated and violates several policies.

Could it be updated to latest 6.4.0 version?

I’m also joining this request!

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@Scott_Harrison could you check this please?

working on this


Pollfish has been updated 6.4(the newest non beta version as of posting) for Android and iOS, when you rebuild with 2022.3672+ you get this update.
(I posted in the wrong thread earlier)


Awesome, thank you for the update!!

Here is an example of how Pollfish works (question follows):

When a survey is available in an application, the player can touch a button (made by the developer) that says something like “Tap here to get a survey and win 100 coins” and get the survey.

The problem is that if the player touches the button, the survey does not appear immediately.
Instead, the indicator appears on screen, a small circle with Pollfish logo.
In order to show the survey the player must touch that small circle too!

This indicator shows always on iOS and sometimes on Android (I noticed it once after latest plugin update) but I don’t want it! I want the survey to open immediately.

For this to happen rewardMode must be set to true.
Does the plugin support that? If yes how?
If not, can this be set to true by default for both iOS and Android?

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What are the t1 ecpms from Pollfish?

My games are aimed at a tier 2 audience.

The best ecpm I get from ad networks is around 3 euros and Pollfish beats that by a lot.

I would give you a number but they’ve made some changes to their dashboard these days and it’s one of the things I can’t find anymore!

The problem is that they don’t have enough surveys in my country.

I use them for coins rewards.
When there are surveys my players prefer to spend 2-3 minutes on completing them and get more coins than watching a video rewarded ads.

I disable their 3rd party surveys because they can take 15+ minutes and it’s the last thing anyone who plays my games wants.

@Scott_Harrison how about rewardMode?
It’s set to false by default and there is no way to change it.

I have tried something like this but it doesn’t work.
pollfishp.init( pollfishListener, { apiKey=“xxx”, developerMode = false, rewardMode = true } )

see rewardMode

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