predictive back gesture android requirement

Hey guys, not sure if this has been mentioned and please point me to a relevant thread if it has. I just got an “action required” email from Google Play Regarding using the keycode back button. which seems to be now unsupported and recommends using predictive back. Any info on implementation or if it is possible in Solar2D would be appreciated.

Email from google below.

We’ve identified that your Android app(s) potentially uses unsupported [KEYCODE_BACK] or [onBackPressed] APIs, which are no longer supported in Android 13.

You’ll need to migrate to AndroidX or the new platform API available in Android 13 if your app(s) intercepts back navigation at any level (Activity, Fragment, View, or Dialog). If your app(s) doesn’t intercept back navigation, you can stop reading

What is a predictive back gesture?
In Android 13, we introduced a new API to support predictive back gesture navigation. This lets users see what completing a back gesture leads them to, whether back to the launcher or back to the previous activity, providing a more predictable user experience.
To do so the apps declare callbacks ahead of time, to let the system know whether the back gesture should trigger in-Activity behavior, at the view, fragment, or dialog level, or if the system should handle the back gesture.