Problems when upgrading to Android 13 (App level 33)

My app has been running and published for app leve 32, but with Googles demand for app leve 33 (from August 31) I upgraded my Corona today with the latest version. During the first build attemp, I noticed that Sdk 33 was downloaded and successfully installed. But the build now fails with the following reason:

20:49:36.465 * What went wrong:
20:49:36.465 Could not determine the dependencies of task ‘:App:lintVitalReportRelease’.
20:49:36.465 > Could not create task ‘:App:lintVitalAnalyzeRelease’.
20:49:36.465 > java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException: C:\Windows\Temp\Corona Labs.gradle\android.lock

What is missing? Any help will be greatly apreciated!