Profiling and Optimisation tools

Hi there

I am just finishing up my first app in solar 2d and Lua and I was wondering if anybody knows of any profiling or optimisation tools for LUA and Solar 2D ? I have had a quick look in the forum and cannot find much on it. I apologise in advance if this is a well known question I just can’t find much at the moment. Any advice greatly received Many Thanks David

One more topic:

There used to be a tool called Corona Profiler, but it has been long abandoned. I don’t think that there are any that are specifically for Solar2D, but you could search for some generic Lua profilers (though your mileage will vary as they don’t account for a lot).

These days the most profiling that I do is using timers to measure differences in completion speeds of certain functions or measuring resource usage and resource usage changes when traversing scenes, but that’s just because most of my projects are rarely resource hogs, so I just want to find out if I have any leaks.