Progress Ring plug-in not working in Solar

We use the progressRing plug-in by Jason Schroeder and it’s worked great for us for years. But now we’ve moved to a Solar build and it’s not displaying correctly on device. It looks just fine in simulator, but on device the masking is clearly broken. See below:

I saw that there are issues with it nested in too many groups, so we tried a ring not placed into any groups at all and it still shows a box like this.

FYI this is the plugin:
[‘plugin.progressRing’] = {publisherId = ‘com.schroederapps’},

Can you explain it a bit in detail? What was it supposed to do and how is it broken now? I haven’t used the plugin but from the screenshot I can’t see what’s wrong with it.

(For those who are interested, you can get the source code for this plugin from Jason Schroeder’s website at

The colored boxes should be colored circles. Jason, the maker of the plug-in, thinks something changed with how Solar handles masks and is investigating.

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