Prompt users to upgrade

This is really cool… Did you know that Google Play has a built in nag screen to get users that are using older builds to update to your latest build? Go to your bundles and enable recovery to prompt them to upgrade!

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I see on some apps where Google shows a prompt to update. But as far as I remember, there is an option to skip the update too. If it’s that feature, it’s great. I did some research and found out that Google has an API for this, so I developed my own solution where I keep the latest published version from Google Play by scraping the page for the app, then comparing the current version of the installed app to the latest in the backend every time the app is launched.

I enabled it for an app, I’ll see how it affects. Thanks for bringing it up!

By the way, for those who try to find it, it’s on the App Bundle Explorer link on the left.

Oh that’s interesting! Does it display something on our app launch?
Or is it something specific in the play store app pointing to update our apps?

Assuming it’s the second

I notice that it says:
Users can then choose to update or dismiss. If they dismiss, they will see the dialog after every cold restart of the app.

That will be annoying for players who decide not to update for some reason, so could lead to some negative feedback. Maybe not enough to be concerned about, especially if it avoids bad reviews from people experience problems in older versions which are fixed in the new one.

I assume the tool is sensible enough to not show the prompt to people who are no longer able to update (because they don’t meet the latest min specs).

I’m just using it to get rid of old users on 2% ANR builds and onto 0.3% ANRs. No-one has verbally complained so far…

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In one of my apps, it helped around 2500 users to upgrade.

Rather than dealing with old versions, API mismatches, etc, it’s better to annoy the user to upgrade to the latest version.