Proper Orientation Handling in CoronaCards


I’ve been working over the past week on getting our CoronaCards game to rotate between landscape and portrait to little success. However I try, the width and height Corona sees cannot ever change, meaning the screen can never rotate.

Firstly, CoronaCards seems to suppress the usual ‘orientation’ events which fire, so we have set up listeners in the native app to fire these off to the game (This is good as a workaround, but is far from ideal)

Out current implementation goes as far as setting up the usual ‘orientation’ listeners to rotate our graphics and UI according to the display.contentWidth and display.contentHeight values when the orientation message from the native app is received.
When the listener is called, we check the width and height values to determine a) Whether the orientation has changed (sanity check), and b ) The new width and height values.  

The Problem: In this listener, the width and height values never change. We’ve tried manually swapping the width and height of the coronaView from the native app, but this doesn’t work either.

So surely we are missing something. Could someone outline the ‘proper’ way to handle orientation changing with CoronaCards?

Any help would be appreciated.


tl;dr  :  What’s the recommended way of handling orientation changes in CoronaCards?

Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I’m at the same stage and I’m close to just using actualContentWidth and actualContentHeight to render my scenes over the full width in landscape mode.