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Hello to all the community,
I have created this publication to contribute my grain of sand, because many of you have helped me by answering my questions in this forum and I want to help in some way too.

I have created some games and apps with Solar2D, and currently they are my only source of income. I have realized that standing out in the market is very difficult due to competition and marketing from big companies, so publishing with a Publisher is a good option if you have created a great game for them.

I myself have tested my games with several of them: Voodoo (some of my games), Lion Studios (currently I am testing my first game with them), Supersonic and some others.
It is worth testing your games with these three that I have mentioned, since they are one of the largest publishers.

If you have any questions regarding the process, you can ask me and I will answer you according to my knowledge. I haven’t been able to publish with them yet but I have noticed that in my recent games I have achieved metric improvements, so I have seen an improvement in my performance as a developer and market savvy - it’s not all about programming :slight_smile:

Also, even if you don’t achieve the metrics in your tests with them, doing them is already an advance because it gives you a measure of your progress as a game developer, and perfects you as such.

Things may have changed recently but be careful with Lion. The contract was awful with regard to IP ownership, minimums, clauses and a very unfair net share to the developer.

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Seriously!? :roll_eyes:

Are you still under that contract?

No, I didn’t go ahead because of the contract. Always seek legal advice before signing a publishing contract.

I’d echo sgs’ sentiments and further add that if you have a good game, you needn’t go through a publisher at all. Their targets are ridiculous and based mostly off luck and work exclusively for games that can hack the addiction mechanic.

By all means test your games and improve them with all the analytics data and user feedback you can get but if you feel that a game has scope to do well and you see some decent engagement during testing, I’d say back yourself to self-publish after planning out how you want to market it to get visibility and assigning some budget for UA

These publishers test thousands of prototypes and couldn’t care less for the long term potential of your game. Very few hypercasual games have a lifespan of more than a few months which means the developers don’t really get a lot out of it and the publishers just move on to some next dumb prototype clone

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