Question about HMS and App Gallery

Hello everyone! I would like to ask a question about the build for the Huawei App Gallery store. I was looking for information on this issue, but the only thing that came up was:

I would like to know if the HMS Ads Kit integration is enough to upload an app to the Huawei store, and does anyone have experience deploying apps in the App Gallery? How to integrate HMS into an application?

And will there be a build, perhaps in the future for the target App Gallery store?

My Solar2d games are in the Huawei app store, but I don’t use HMS ads kit.

Have you changed the app somehow? Or just built for Google and uploaded to Huawei?

Until recently, I have been doing a sort of native builds. But slowly I have been modifying the Solar2d Simulator build to do non google play builds.

  1. Download a recent version of Solar2d.
  2. Select Samsung from the build menu.
  3. I use my HyperBid plugin for ads.
    Documentation can be found here:
    GitHub - agramonte/com.cabagomez-plugin.hyperbid: Solar2d Hyperbid monetization plugin for Android & iOS.

Although not in the documentation I add it this way:

["plugin.hyperbid"] = 
            publisherId = "com.cabagomez",
            supportedPlatforms = { ["android-nongoogle"] = true } 

I have these network-enabled for that plugin Inmobi and Pangle. Since they are the only two networks that I found that support Huawei. Although I do plan to add the Huawei ads. I just have not.

  1. Then I use my plugin:
["plugin.installerName"] = 
            publisherId = "com.cabagomez"

And put a check in any place in my code that I might call or initiate anything related to Google. Something like this:

local ipn = require("plugin.installerName")
M.vendor = ipn.getInstallerName()
if M.vendor == "" then
     -- do some google stuff only here

I have these if statements for other stores when needed: – Amazon – Google
com.huawei.appmarket – Huawei
com.huawei.gamebox – Huawei – Oppo – Samsung – Samsung

I am trying to get more plugins for the individual stores into the normal simulator build but it is slow going.

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Also for analytics GameAnalytics has always worked and I recently fixed Flurry for Samsung builds.

Thank You! It looks very interesting. Did I understand correctly that hyperbid is an advertising network? And one more question: how is it different
com.huawei.appmarket – Huawei
com.huawei.gamebox – Huawei?

Hyperbid is GameAnalytics monetization network:

No idea the difference between appmarket and gamebox. I think it is two different stores for Huawei. Like Google Games and the Play Store. On my test Huawei phone, I only see the app market but I log the vendor and I do see the other one in my analytics.

Hey @agramonte
You said you select Samsung as the Target App Store entry to create your nongoogle builds like App Gallery store?

That is correct.

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