Question: Consumable IAP on Google Play?

I am using the Google store from last year (not the newest version they need later in 2021) and wonder if there where any changes to how to buy consumables? When a consumable product was bought and I want to buy again I get the message “You already own this product” which makes no sense.

The normal way to buy this kind of product was: purchase and then consume, right? Is there something else to think about?

Any help and hints welcome!

Google play do not distinguish between “consumables” and “non-consumables”. You create a product, and you can buy and consume it. If you don’t consume it, it remains in user’s inventory. If you consume it, user can buy it again. So it is up to the client app to decide if it want to consume the product and award something user would be able to purchase again, or leave it as a marker of permanent purchase.

Thank you Vlads!

I was asking beacuse a player has bought a consumable item in my game and was not able to buy it again. I never had this problem with other players and the same item before.
When looking in the Google Play Dev Console purchases data the item was listed and it looked like a non-consumable. So is there a chance the item was purchased and somehow the call to consume this item was not sent out maybe due to a connection problem or so?

Is there some code sample on how to handle such a problem?

Thanks for your help!

What I do is in the initialisation phase I call restore() and consume anything returned (but don’t action the transaction otherwise you’ll credit the IAP twice).

In your case the best thing to do is refund the transaction as that will make it available again.

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Thank you for your fast help! Much appreciated!