Rare behaviour with STROKE

This is a really rare behaviour I’m seeing now. In the frist image attached you’ll see a grid formed with cells, each cell is a vector (display.newRect) with their stroke of 1.5 px. The background color of the cells is the same that the board background (dark blue).

When I drag the dot, each cell touched is painted with yellow color, this is done by set cell[index].fill = (yellow color)

After that, If I remove the yellow color, changing the background color of each cell touched by cell[index].fill = (dark blue), you will note a rare line in the top and left borders of each cell touched, that even appear when the cells are already painted by yellow.

Why this is happening???

It’s impossible to say without seeing the code, but it looks to me like you are creating overlapping rectangles where the touched tiles simply have their stroke widths increased.

I’d guess the reason why only the left and top sides are affected is because you are creating your tiles in a loop that works row by row, column by column, starting from the top left corner. The wider strokes for the right and bottom sides of the tiles are hidden because the subsequent tiles seem to overlap the previous ones.