Relaunch an App - Android - possible plugin required!


I have an app which is running on Android screens in remote locations and I would like to be trigger a restart of the app in the case of unhandled exceptions. I am already posting back errors before the app dies but I want to be able to just restart it.

I have found a library which will do this reliably and I really need this put into a plugin so I can use it:

Process Phoenix Library

There is some background info on the concept here:

Stack Overflow Info

Can anyone do this for me? Happy to pay :grinning:


From my experience, this will not be that easy to accomplish (or maybe impossible) as a typical plugin. You could use a native project and then use corona cards to run your game or app and then from the native project integrate this to restart. I would love to be proven wrong though.

Would be great if it could be done - seems to only call standard Android libraries …