[RESOLVED] Invalid timestamp for an image - BUILD ERROR

I’m trying to made a build for my recent game and the console show this error:

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.
15:53:29.040  * What went wrong:
15:53:29.040  Execution failed for task ':App:packageCoronaAppRelease'.
15:53:29.040  > Invalid Timestamp -11644459200000 for 'file 'C:\Users\Acer\Documents\Corona Projects\Hit the Shape\assets\img\textura.png''.

The image file that indicates the error does not have any problem, and in the simulator it is shown perfectly.

try to edit the image in paint or photoshop, and save the file again over itself just to make sure the image is not corrupt this might help

Thank you for your answer. I thought on that solution and edited the image on Photoshop and the issue was solved.

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