[RESOLVED] The password for the keystore was not valid or the key store was not valid

A few days ago I was able to update my apps for android, but today when I tried to made a new build (for any of my apps) I got this error in simulator.

The password for the Key Store located at … was not valid, or the Key Store was not valid.

Nevetheless my key store does not have enough time in order to get invalid.
I unistalled the JDK and installed the new version jdk-8u341-windows-i586.exe and the problem persists


  1. I was able to create the build for this app using the Android Build Automation from Github, so this indicate that the simulator is causing this issue.

  2. I can create builds of apps that have a newly created key store.

  3. I’ve noted that now Solar2D does not recognize my apps because when I open my projects and trying to create their builds, the textfields are filled with the default values. That means that the version code and version name are reseted to 1.0 and 1.0.0 respectively, and the Keystore field is filled with the last valid keystore I used.

please follow this link it should solve your problem

Thank you @kakula , but didn’t solve it

Using the Command line(to get info about my key store):

keytool -list -keystore keystoreName.keystore

To the end of the info returned I got this message:

The JKS keystore uses a proprietary format. It is recommended to migrate to PKCS12, which is an industry standard format that uses…

Nevertheless, my keystore was previously migrated to PKCS12 since the first time I created it. In the past I was able to create several builds for this app and for others too.

Where are you creating this file? I simply opened the terminal (Mac), navigated to the desktop folder and generated the file there with that same command.

I’m not creating any new file. I have the key store in that location (where is located keytool). That command show information about the key store.

There are several topics similar to this in this forum. In one of those topics they expose a solution similar to mine.

Well, after uninstalling/installing Solar2D, uninstalling/installing JDK and doing the impossible, the only solution was to reposition my keystore file. I still don’t understand why it fixes it, but it does. I just had to copy-paste my keystore file to another location and bingo: Solar2d accepted my keystore.

I hope someone can figure out this behaviour.