Review popup is not working in Android.


We are using @Scott_Harrison 's review popup plugin. It used to work perfectly fine for Android until a few days back. Even test reviews using fake review manager are not working.

Found that the plugin’s show function is being called but the popup doesn’t show up, tried many times on different devices. If anybody knows what’s going on with the android native popups lately, please let us know and any potential fix will be really helpful.

Are you sure it is not working? It doesn’t show up on demand. Google determines when it will show.

I have tested on multiple devices and for quite some time, haven’t seen the popup so far on any of them.

I have a fix with updating the libs and couple tweaks that will make it more reliable coming out later today

Just updated

I tried the new version of the plugin, it still didn’t work for me, during testing I tried calling the show function around 18 times after some time interval but it didn’t show up once.

Are you testing though Google Play? Does not work thought direct to device with corona sim or android studio

I tested on live builds through google play as well as test builds by directly installing them on my Android device. For test builds, I made the testMode bool as true which used to work fine in the past.