Rodmap 2022

Hello, I noticed that the latest Solar2D updates are basically to fix bugs and add small changes, this is very good, but I would like to know if there is anything related to new features, such as support for other devices, new features for Android and iOS, etc. ,
Don’t think I’m charging anything, I just wanted to be aware of things to come, I feel that even though I like Solar2D, it’s kind of lagging behind other frameworks and I wouldn’t want to change it for another one.

One suggestion was to have a topic for requests for new features for Solar2D, so that some people from the community could appear who could help in the development and not just leave it up to the people who are ahead of the Project.


“have a topic for requests for new features”

“have a topic for requests for new features”

^This is a good idea

There is a channel in offical discord #suggestions

I don’t have a lot to say about a Roadmap, it not a secret Linux and Nintedo Switch support is being actively worked on. In terms of features for Android and iOS, I would look to plugins (ie new Applovin Max or Video-to-texture plugin with audio support and everything - #2 by Scott_Harrison). There are some cool new plugins that being worked on (by myself and others) that are not ready to be announced.

I don’t have discord, but it’s strange to have a topic about this subject on discord and not on Solar2D’s own forum.

I will join efforts to study more in depth native code to create plugins, but I think it will take time, as it is a bit more advanced subject.

I’m interested in some features (even though some already said here that have no chance of happening or interest to do), such as Windows x64 support, background services support, Lottie and Hive file support, more features in integrated videos in webview, 3D animations for screen transitions, Widget support on iOS, Apple Watch and Wear OS, etc.