Samsung Galaxy store support 2020

Any hope of getting support for the Samsung Galaxy store back in Solar2D? I was just chatting with samsung developer relations about getting my game on their store, and they are interested in it. However looking here it seems like Solar2D doesn’t build for that store anymore. What would it take to get that working?

I am not sure what you mean. You can use the Amazon / Play build but you will need to add native Samsung support libraries that either you need to build or you need to find on the internet (if available).

Although currently I don’t have any of my apps on the Samsung store, I do have apps in other stores that are not explicitly listed.

Thanks for your reply. Is there anyone here with an app on Samsung store that could clarify what is needed to put a Solar2D app on that store? Libraries or otherwise

I believe I still have 3 apps. When I uploaded them a few years back here is what I found.

  1. There was an issue with the back button. They want it to behave a certain way. I don’t remember the specific but you can search in forums and find the conversation.
  2. If you want to show ads you have to use their ad network or use a network that does not show links to the Google Store.
  3. To sell in-app purchases or non-free apps you have to be a corporate entity. Individual accounts are not allowed to sell.
  4. They have an IAP api that you need to use to integrate purchases.

Here are the guides:

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Thanks for the information. I would be planning to use IAPs. I have a corporate entity.

I’m using the plugin to talk with google play right now on Android. Do you have any code examples of integrating/using the samsung IAP SDK? It would be fabulous if there was a Solar2D plugin that do this.

Sorry, I don’t know of any sample code or of a ready-made plugin.