SCOTT H TECH Bluetooth plugin

Hello, I am trying this plugin to communicate with ESP32 module via BLE on IOS. The plugin connects to device, i receve a ‘device paired’ event in listenerBT(event) function but then there is no way to receive any mesage. The ESP32 sends data trough notification:

  char Message[8] = {'w', 'e', 'l', 'c', 'o', 'm', 'e'};

i can see it correctly on Mac using BLE Terminal app but iPhone app never receive any message…

Notice that i also tried adding chr(10) at the end, or chr(13) but nothing change…

I also tried to send string directly like:


again this work on Mac using BLE Terminal but nothing happens on my iPhone app…

Any idea?

Thank you all!

The plugin itself needs some improvement. I am personally super busy; if you want, I can share the plugin source code (it is a little messy)

Thanks for your reply Scott, I am wondering if you are aware of this problem or I am doing something wrong in my code… Thanks for sharing, just let me know how can i donwload it. Alessandro

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