Screen size for WebView

I don’t know if my question is dumb but I want to create a WebView file that works with different screen types.

myClasse = native.newWebView( display.contentCenterX, display.contentCenterY+25, 1422, 720 )
myClasse:setNativeProperty("setAllowFileAccess", true)
myClasse:request( "ns4.html", system.ResourceDirectory )

what I don’t understand is that this code works with an amazon fire 7 tablet but when I tried it on another device the image is offset.

here is my config.lua file

application =
	content =
		width = 768,
		height = 1024, 
		scale = "letterbox",
		fps = 60,
		imageSuffix =
			    ["@2x"] = 2,
			    ["@4x"] = 4,

I don’t remember if I or someone else has pointed this to you yet, but have you read the content scaling guide?

Depending on your content area, you can use a much smaller size for your web view window. Similarly, if you want to make it as large as possible, while always fitting it inside the screen, then you can use display.actualContentWidth and its counterpart to get the device specific screen parameters.