#screenshotsaturday -- Post your screen shots here.

We are starting a new feature that some other development forums are using called #screenshotsaturday

Feel free to post screen shots if your apps that are in development.  The idea is that on a regular schedule we can see how your apps are progressing.   So post away on Saturdays!

I know it’s not Saturday, but I had a minute now and might not then. 

My new game with Corona sdk:


Shark Island Frenzy 

Shark Island Frenzy includes 44 levels of increasing difficulty, with various tasks and goals to complete. Start out as an angel fish and move on to a lion fish and an angler. Finally, you play as Orville the Orca and challenge the menacing Shark King for ultimate control of the seas!






A one touch simple game.
Jump and ride the birds!!!

One of the appstore screenshots for our upcoming game Lumena.


Fun new educational math app coming in April from MediaKube!


The new glass effect I built into images for My Casino Life :slight_smile:


Combined with the new designer characters can now be placed anywhere in real time without any extra overhead.


New Designer for My Casino Life, not 100% finished but getting there.


it’s saturday!

physics based match 3 game.


small (older) gameplay gif here:


Level Design - JSON Style!


In the final steps of development…

Get fit and healthy with the Seven Minutes Workout, available for all platforms in multilingual format with curated playlists and streamlined UI. Learn more at http://www.ladeezfirstmedia.com/apps/sevenminutes

1_ss-200x300.png 2_ss-200x300.png

Our upcoming game, Attack of the Pillows, a 3 match game. Coming Soon.

I’ve been working on I. O. Silver for *too* long – it’s a game I work on a little here and a little there. But I can honestly say I can now see the end from here. :slight_smile:

It’s a recreation of an Apple II game from 1984 (done with the blessing of the original author). And in “retro mode” it actually uses the original Apple II graphics and sounds.



can we also post videos? [will remove this post once answered]

I don’t see why not, @dingo.  The idea is for us to see what your working and see it’s progress over time and in some cases video is a much better way to see that.  No need to remove the post.


I launched my new game with Corona, Saga of Archery:


1.png 5.png 3.png

Hi @joelbarbosa.ads.  I believe the intent here is to show off work in progress, not completed apps. There is another forum section dedicated for people to announce their new apps. 



Trying to finish “Hungry Danbo” for the #bacongamejam !! --> https://bacongamejam.org/jams/bacongamejam-07/239/

I wanted to post it yesterday ( but I had not time! )

Uploaded!! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ginnko.games.hungrydanbo&hl=es