Server specs


I recently discovered Photon and made a proof of concept for my Corona SDK game and im very pleased with it!

The game logic integrated in Photon Cloud was a very good fit for my game and I had no problem implementing it. As an addition I would like to add leaderboards (server side, as in the server determines who won the match), but I found out this was not possible with the Cloud version of Photon.I did some research and it looks like this CAN be done with Photon Server (Correct me if i’m wrong)

I have very little experience with servers, that’s what I choose Photon Cloud in the first place.
I would like to know which server specs are needed to support my game.
The game is a “battle game”, the battles look something like those in the Pokémon games.
There is little communication except creating a room, finding a room, sending “executeMove” commands every 5 - 30 sec.

For example with 500 CCU, which server should I pick best?
And for 1000 CCU or 2000 CCU?

Would love to know something more how to pick a server,

Maybe there is someone who could give me an example of how their server is running? What server you use and how many CCU you deal with.

Thank you in advance


Same post answered on Photon Server forum:

Same post answered on Photon Server forum: