Severe warning Play Console

Today I submitted an update of my android game because aI recieved an email from Google that said Appodeal had privacy problems. Then I get an email from Appodeal saying that Vungle is not following the privacy rules. I remove Vungle from the Appodeal plugin. Update corona sdk to the latest daily build and build my game. Now I have the normal alert that I should use Android App Bundle and a severe alert that says like this:

Device support removed


Deactivation of this APK will result in your app being available for new installs on fewer types of devices.


If this is an unintended change, then retain this APK in the new release or ensure that your new APKs support all currently supported devices.

Can someone help me understand why this severe alert?

Thanks in advance

Well, you have to see what changed from the previous version? I forget but there is some sort of UI element where you can see what the difference is.

Usually, it comes down to two things:

  1. The new version has a higher minimal SDK. You can get around this by setting it yourself in the build setting.

minSdkVersion = β€œ16”

And then override the libraries that want the higher SDK. Please test since some libraries don’t like to be downgraded. You do this also in the build settings:

manifestChildElements = 
            <uses-sdk tools:overrideLibrary=", plugin.tapjoyInstall," />
  1. The second usual reason is that you attached a capability that not all devices can support. Again you can make these capabilities optional in the build settings:

     usesFeatures =
     			{ name = "android.hardware.location.gps", required = false },
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