Shouldn't the Solar 2D logo be something like this?

I never understood why the opposite segments in the logo did not line up and have an offset- is that how it’s intended? Just curious…

I’d think it should be something like this rough edit that I’ve attached

Didn’t you already ask this and got your answer?

Cut from Rebranding Corona

Anyway, I couldn’t care less about the logo so I probably shouldn’t even be discussing it. It’s fine, let’s move on. :slight_smile:

You needn’t be so dismissive of what is possibly a valid suggestion. I did ask about this earlier but that was sadly just typical of Rob to be very passive towards anything coming in from newer members on the community. Just trying to have a discussion mate

Edit: I don’t care much for the logo either but had Corona labs perhaps cared for these things along the way, things wouldn’t have gone south as rapidly as they did. A harmless suggestion won’t really hurt, thus.

Didn’t say it isn’t a valid suggestion. But you’re obviously not just curious like you stated in your first post… I prefer people being straightforward when they want to suggest something.

I never said that the branding material should be changed but simply asked if what I had in mind was valid or not-- I was literally just curious to see if it’s just me or do others also notice something being off about the logo. Nothing more…

No problem. I don’t have an opinion on whether the logo should change or not so I’ll let others discuss it from here. :slight_smile:

Wow honestly I never noticed it. I think it looks good as it is, so maybe they just don’t want to change it. I have to admit that your geometrically “correct” version is a pleasure for the eyes, but in my opinion, for the same reason actually, it also looks less special and representative. This is completely personal of course

There were many concepts during the rebranding phase and the designer, Pip, did provide some variations that used ‘properly’ aligned rays. There were alternate measurements, spacings, focal shapes, and so on. In the end the general consensus was that her original abstract alignment just looked better.

I think one key argument was that the ‘correct’ alignments created a spherical illusion in the centre, which was too much of a shift towards representing the sun, at which point the whole brand just looks like Solar2D supplies solar panels.

That’s reasonable, I suppose. Thanks for the insight