Showing only badge, push don't work

Hello everyone!
I have made changes for iOS devices.
When I test on a real device, I get a number on the icon, but the push notification is not shown.
I need your help, I can’t understand why this is happening?

local notifications = require( "plugin.notifications.v2" )
pushText1 = "Toys are bored! It's time to play!"
local options241 = {
    alert = pushText1,
    badge = 1,
    sound = "alarm.caf",
    custom = { foo = "bar" }
local utcTime241 = "!*t", os.time() + 30 )
local notification241 = notifications.scheduleNotification( utcTime241, options241 )

Please, close topic.

If you figured out what the problem was, it might be more worthwhile to share your solution with others instead of just closing the topic.

My problem was that I was incorrectly passing text to a variable.
If the variable with the text is empty, then the notification will not be displayed.

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