Simple quiz template

Hi, my kid wants to make a chemistry training quiz during a school projects jam. It will include some categories, and, also, some questions may have an image of mineral, or molecula, or scientist, etc.
Do you know any template for this, made in Corona/Solar? Thanks for a link or open source repo.

I released all of my templates here in this post:

Among those templates is a quiz-templates with two version:

The easiest way to get this, is to download the entire RG_FreeStuff project:

The free templates are in the folder: ~/RG_FreeStuff/tree/master/Products/

Alternately, you can try to go right to the quiz templates from that release:


To incorporate unique images per answer, you’ll probably have to do a little work, but not much.

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Hi Ed (not Rob, I remember)!
My activity at Forums now equals zero, bcause I learning Java and very close to the long final approach to Oracle OCA certification. I glad for you recovering as Engineer. BTW I switched to Java after fail to find job as Lua developer. However, I still love this programming language and Solar SDK as a fastest way to make an app prototype. Thank you for your support.

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You’re welcome and congrats on your upcoming certification.

I’m glad your child is getting into programming/app dev. That is a great thing and a super start on future skills.

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You’re the best Roaming Gamer!