Simulator and Mac builds on M1 macs

After recently moving to an M1 Air, I have noticed that the colours are all very saturated in the simulator and also the MacOS builds of our apps. This is true for builds that I’ve made locally to test and also for the live versions that I could download off steam.

Of course, the simulator and the mac builds are all running in Rosetta-- unless I’ve missed some major release that added M1 support in which case I’d appreciate any guidance. I’m on the current latest build.

I am not a color expert but I have been using an M1 13 Pro and M1 Mini since day 1 they came out. I have never noticed any color issues. Could you post a side by side? Also what S2D version are you using?

I also found this Reddit thread

I am attaching two screenshots showing a work in progress “road” design from one of our games. One screenshot is from the app running on MacOS and the other is on a Windows 11 VM on the same Macbook Air. I think the colour difference will be easily apparent from these-- the one clearly appears more yellow and heavily saturated is on MacOS.

I’m experiencing this with all apps.

Running build 3660 on both MacOS and the Windows VM

Do you have True Tone on?

hehe, no. To be fair, I was sure that was it and it was the first thing I checked but it’s off. Also made sure I was on the standard colour profile and the white point is at it’s default value too.

The PNG file for this asset appears exactly the way it should and I compared that with all other PCs at our work-- it’s once I am in the simulator/Mac build that the colours get weird. I don’t typically run a windows VM at all so did that as a last resort because I was starting to think that it’s a HW issue but as you can see from the images, on windows, it’s how it should be.

I have uploaded a direct comparison video to youtube which clearly shows that colours are quite different on Windows 11 and Big Sur running on the same machine.

@vlads it’s not a very big deal or anything but if you have any idea what could be causing this, I’d really appreciate any insight. Since my last post, I have managed to reproduce this issue on my intel based mac as well so it seems that this could be a Solar2D issue and perhaps not down to the M1 chips and their intel emulation. Thanks in advance.