Social Plugin

local isAvailable = native.canShowPopup( “social”,‘facebook’ )

Always return false in iOS 13.5, Simulator (2020.3601).

But I can post the Image in Facebook.Then Why it shows false?

Jun 28 18:19:54.374 [Device] isAvailableForServiceType: for returning NO
Jun 28 18:19:54.375 [Device] isAvailable false

That feature is only available in native mobile OSes (Android and iOS), not the simulator. You can code it, but not test it in the simulator.

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Yes I knew. It didn’t work on simulator.

I mean it didn’t work on iPhone(Os 13.5). I build for iOS using simulator version 3601.


Ah, I misread your post.

You’re saying, you are encountering a problem with the Social Popup plugin:

Specifically, that on iOS 13.5 (device unknown) a call to native.canShowPopup() returns ‘false’, but if you call native.showPopup() anyways, it brings up a popup and lets you post an image to Facebook.

That is odd, and I’m sorry to say I don’t know why that would be.

Yes you are right.

native.canShowPopup() returns ‘false’,
but native.showPopup() brings up a popup to post image to facebook.



Any update?

I’ve just encountered this same issue.

That is, native.canShowPopup( “social”,“twitter”) returns false, but if I ignore this check the popup is successful.

Has anyone found a solution for this? What are the implications of invoking native.showPopup when it truly isn’t available? Will it fail silently?