Social Share without using native share

I am running a game and would like to simply call out to a web-URL (both Twitter and FB have a predefined link you can use to share web things). The web URL would be on one of my own webservers, and the webserver would handle generating the HTML page and image (along with all open graph tags, etc.) that go with the unique link that a game player shares. This would typically be for when a certain level is passed or when a new high score is achieved.

My question is not ‘how to do that?’ I know how to do all of these things.

I guess my question is… has anyone else done this with their own app/game and, if so, did you encounter any problems with doing it this way?

(part of the reason here has to do with people who do not have the native FB or Twitter app on their device for privacy reasons, but almost certainly DO have a web browser available)

Thoughts? Caveats? Landmines? Bueller?

OK, guessing that no one else is doing this, so I will forge ahead and then report back after launch to let everyone know how it goes. :slight_smile:

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