Solar 2D and plugins

I upgraded to Solar 2D and I get errors like:
there was an issue while downloading simulator plugin placeholders

For now plugin which I installed 1 year ago is working about others I am no sure

You know you need to give us more information on that :slight_smile:

What should I give? :grinning:

Like what plugins are not downloading or if you checked if they are still available on etc.

Can’t find joystick plugin in market place, but it is working and I have downloaded plugin itself. About other plugins I have admob, but I don’t use it right now. And I need to check is open ssl working…

the old corona market place is gone… although you can browse it

i had to purchaser plugins from solar2d market place
although i had them before from corona market place
and you won’t find all plugins

My plugins like QR Scanner and TextToSpeech are available with Patreon support

looks like open ssl is working