Solar2d 3704 and Xcode 17.4

I updated Xcode to 17.4, the projects stopped being built. The Solar 2d version is 3704. Tell me, in order for everything to work, do you need to wait for the release of the new version of Solar2d, which will add support for xcode 17.4?

I think you mean Xcode 15.3, and yes, you do need to wait until the latest build of Solar2D catches up with the latest version of Xcode. When in doubt, you can always check here…

…and look at the release notes. Glancing at the Solar2D releases compared to the Xcode releases, it looks like Solar2D typically runs about a month behind.

Thank you so much for your reply

I generally try to not update Xcode until Solar2d support for that version is available.

If you can’t wait for Xcode 15.3 support, you can follow the instructions I put here:

Looks like it’ll have to wait.

You can also just download Xcode 15.2 from Apple and use it until Solar2D supports 15.3. (Just move Xcode 15.3 out of your Applications folder and then download and install the older version.)

The nice thing about installing Xcode from Apple’s developer website instead of through the Mac App Store is that you don’t have the App Store trying to get you to upgrade your Xcode version before you want to.


Thank you all for the answers, I downloaded xcode, 15.2 and installed it. But the problem now is this.

ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
Mar 15 21:06:27.154 BUILD ERROR: There was a problem linking the app.
Mar 15 21:06:27.154 Check the console for more information.
Mar 15 21:06:27.339 iOS build failed (2) after 25 seconds
Mar 15 21:06:27.700 ERROR: Build Failed: There was a problem linking the app.
Mar 15 21:06:27.701 Check the console for more information.

The “problem linking the app” failure is something that comes up pretty regularly- If memory serves, it usually ends up being something plugin related. I would suggest doing a search in the forums and see if any of the solutions apply to your situation.

You could also try the brute force method and comment out all of you plugins and see if the app builds successfully, and, if it does, start adding plugins back one at a time until you find the culprit. (And if it doesn’t build successfully with all the plugins commented out, at least you’ve ruled out plugins as the source of the problem. :smiley:)

Thank you all again for the answers, the problem has been found, it lies in the Appodeal plugin, it gives an error when building the application, when I disable bitmachine and yandex, then everything works. But then it is not uploaded to the App Store. This issue is being discussed in the next branch.
Thanks again to everyone.