Solar2D camera + dynamic lightning & split screen

Hi everyone, it had been a while since i did anything related to Solar2D since it was renamed, anyway, i wanted to let everyone know that i worked a while ago on a camera system with dynamic lights for Corona and it’s 100% working for Solar2D.

The old thread can be found here if anyone is interested on seeing how it was worked out and some screenshots/videos for the sake of history.

You can find the plugin here with working HTML demo and it’s open source, so you can jump in and see how it works, yes, its free.

I might not have a lot of time to explain the small details but it should be pretty self explanatory for a mid to advanced Solar2D user. If anything comes up i will try to find the time to respond here.


I don’t know when I can use that but already added to bookmark! Great work, thank you.

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