Solar2D Donation model - my view

I think Vlad and Co have the right to NOT give us a minimum required donations.For two reasons:

privacy and more importantly because that’ll become upper limit that we’ll barely hit.

Vlad and co have every right to keep a growth opportunity alive. 

Only this “opportunity of growth” will ensure our SDK future.

Do we game devs get paid based on users growth or do gamers group and decide to pay us constant dev salary ? we are in it because it can grow.

I suggest Solar2D give a hint for its intended users on what is expected of them.

Donation page could look like this:

Please consider donating based on your use case. The following is our recommendation only.

$5 - if Corona is a learning tool for you.

$10 - if you enjoy working on games and you use solar2D as much as you use movie streaming service.

$25 - if you work part time on your side projects.

$50 - if you work on games as a side projects and have monetization in place.

$75 - if your side games give you a steady monthly income you’d like to improve it even more.

$100 - if you are and independent developer live of games/apps you make.

$200 - if you are 2-5 people team who work on apps/games full-time job.

$500 - If you are a company of 5+ full-time members who work on apps/games.

$1000 - If you are a company of 10+ full-time members who work on apps/games.

Free - if non of the above is applicable 

— your modifications are welcome.

– Rob, Vlad feel free to start a new thread with the above as starting point if you like it.

I am not sure or telling people how much to pay works that great. You either buy it or donate.

Someone mentioned before on this forum that we should adopt Godot donation model. I agree. Having goal helps a lot.

@gudrutis1 it’s not telling people. it’s a rule of thumb. people wanted to know how much to donate.

Till now they basically asked “how much vlads needs to subsistence ?” 

it’s a dead-end question.

A better question we donators should ask is “Tell me how to translate my use case and reliance on Corona to donation sum?”

in either case people are “never donate, and free rider” will not donate.

Two advantages for the “donate according to how much value” Corona brings you:

  1. open for growth.

  2. it brings a concrete suggestion per Corona user. I can act on it instantly ( I did , matched my use case to a donation )

we can shift the usage-to-donation conversion down , if they look too much. and make the 1000$ for 10+ worker studios.

Vlad has already set up a contribution model both on Github Sponsors or Patreon. He has setup reward models based on contributions. You can see them at the links there.

But I’m sure he’s open to some new suggestions on what you would be interested as a reward for a given contribution level.


Thanks a lot. I also understand that money worth very different across the world. If you can’t contribute as much as you think you should plead, make any donation. Even 1$ is better than none. Thank you so much for supporting. I am extremely optimistic we’ll pull this off and Corona will become even better

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@vlads I think you should look at the way Evan You has set up vue donations and sponsorship. He’s been very successful in running vue as an open source project with a good income.

The thing about him though is he is quite visible and promotes vue a lot. In the beginning a lot of people were complaining that he is a one-man-team against the likes of facebook (react) and google (angular) but he managed to put together a team of people to help and be vocal/active in the community.