Solar2D First Anniversary!

Happy Solar2Day everyone!

Exactly a year ago we pivoted from the failing business model of Corona Labs/Corona SDK and moved towards completely free, transparent and open source Solar2D. What a ride it has been so far! We established a strong financial foundation for the future of the engine, completely transitioning to an open build pipeline which already produced 54 releases with major changes, improvements and bug fixes.

Solar2D Community was nothing but exceptional this year. Support from you folks is what gets the engine going, be it sponsorships, replies on forums and discord or kind words. Community is what enabled this transition.

Today I have one big announcement. We have our first hire. Yes, you heard that right, Solar2D paid team just doubled in size :slight_smile: I was able to hire Vitaly, developer behind initial linux and html5 implementations. His focus is on supporting Nintendo Switch, which should come soon.

We have a lot planned for next year. Among other updates, major core platforms improvements: supporting Google Play asset delivery, rework of build system for Apple platforms, asset packaging and others.

I am humbled and honoured that I can continue working on the engine I love. Thank you so much for your ongoing support.




Just awesome!

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Excellent great to hear vlad

Great news! I’ve had to take a break from Solar2d to work on my business, but I’m planning to get involved again when that stabilizes. It makes me so happy to think the community has been this strong in the last year.

Happy anniversary!

More than great news

Thank God I made the right choice by continuing development on Solar2D… when Corona died everyone advised me to learn something new, but I couldn’t find an equal in ease, speed, and cost, it never failed me, I’m making a living out of it, I never faced a major stopper whether in games or business apps… I will keep working on it for as long as I my fingers can type…

So glad to read this … Horray :heart:


Smashing news!!!

Happy Anniversary! It was never good fit for an ad network/mediator to own a dev SDK and we, like many others, were often worried for the future. Solar2D is now in the best state it’s ever been in! Thank you for all your hard work Vlad.

Way to go, Vlad!

Thats awesome, glad to hear!

Would love to see some html5 updates too! :slight_smile:

love it!! :heart_eyes:

Great News :smiley: :ok_hand:

You’re the best Vlad. Btw can you share links for where we can support Solar2D? (Patreon, Ko-Fi, etc.)

**Here’s the Patreon:

awesome, glad to hear!:+1:t2:

Yeah amazing to hear @vlads wow a year goes by quick. Awesome to hear the state of Solar2D and the hiring! You have done an awesome job!