Solar2D Game Featured in Gaming Magazine

Thought I’d share the Solar2D built Retro Raccoons is featured in this month’s RePlay Magazine as the Spotlight article:

Thanks to this awesome community & Vlad for your contributions to the best open source game development platform, cheers to Solar2D.


Congratulations @glitchbit01!
I build a MAME arcade machine back in the day and I hope to someday make a Solar2D based machine like you!

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Thank you, yeah they are a blast to make. Just don’t underestimate how much “non-Solar2D” time arcade development takes, it’s quite an endeavor.

Oh yeah! I noticed that someone had linked MAME to lua scripts but I haven’t checked it out yet. I found it was building the physical structures (cabinets, wires, microcontrollers) that were most challenging - code you can swap out - hardware puts you back to the drawing board and costs $!

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Still, seeing Solar2D used for something like this is impressive and I’d love to play the game myself some day. :smiley:

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Retro Raccoons doesn’t use MAME so while I don’t have advice on that front, if you have any questions on your journey, feel free to ask.

Also, if you or anyone else in the S2D community would like to create a minigame for Retro Raccoons, I’d be open to adding it to the minigame library. I’m happy to pay anyone for a fun minigame & credit you.

Thank you for the kind words, I’ll be posting a list of the arcades & bars that have a Retro Raccoons soon so hopefully you’ll be able to check one out soon.