Solar2D installation errors

Hi! I am having problems with the installation of the solar2d. I lost my old pc and I’m from another pc. I downloaded the latest build (3620) but after the installation I get several errors.


I will appreciate any help. I need to update my apps to api level 29.


It is a new windows installation. I update my graphics card and check for corrupt system files and everything is in order.

You can search those files through Google and install them.

For example:

I solved the problem, it was VC 2015. Solar2d needs the 32bits version.

Now my problem is that Solar2D does not open the console and I imagine it is the VC 2015-2019 and I cannot find that one.

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Thanks a lot, it really cames out that you need to install x86 version of VC 2015-2019 on Microsoft’s official website