solar2D login

Good day colleagues, how can I create a login interface with solar2D where a user have to enter their username and password.
Thank you

If the login information isn’t stored just in the user’s device, which wouldn’t make much sense, it means that you would need to have a backend component for your app (i.e. a server).

You could create two text fields and a submit button, which, when pressed, sends the information from the two text fields to your backend where you will check if the user exists and if the password and username match.

Then you’d wait to hear back from the backend.

This can be actually a very complicated process, and requires backend webservices and database just like XeduR said …

usually login process can be one of the following or more:

  • User Name & Password (This requires a backend webservice and database)

  • Login with Google, Facebook, etc. (mostly requires plugins and backend webservice and database)

  • Login with email and receive activation code or link via email (This requires a backend webservice and database)

  • Phone Number and activation code sent via sms this requires SMS service as well as backend webservice and database … you can also extend that to auto read received sms

Another extra work you have to do is to have multiple screens for register/Login/Forgot Password which might have further complications

But … the first step is to create an interface with 2 text boxes and a button … make sure the password text box shows * instead of characters for security reasons so that no one sees typed password… you can also make 10s of validations for entry like password type … is it numeric, mixed, complex with minimum rules … how many characters allowed … etc.

once you get that done, you can move forward with communicating with a webservice to allow users to register, login, or retrieve forgotten passwords or activation links or messages

Programming can be very simple and can be very complicated for the same functionality or problem, it is up to the business analyst skill and experience to figure out how deep you want to dig in and handle all possibilities and exceptions